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I'm a technology entrepreneur & consultant with a penchant for Mobile & Cloud solutions.

With 13+ years of digital experience & having founded & launched a Mobile SaaS in 2014,
I'm uniquely positioned to advise & assist those on a similar journey.

How I can help

Knowing which questions to ask, what skills are required, what technologies or solutions should be leveraged, and what risks need to be mitigated can be daunting for those without a technology background.

Strategy & Planning

Exploring how technology can realize a solution is a creative process; one that is helped with experience of what works and what doesn't.

Identifying risks, developing plans and exposing the real problem will greatly increase the likelihood of success.

How do you build a digital product ? What will my customers value ? How can I engage with them ?

Technologies & Solutions

Armed with a concept, how do you determine the right mix of technologies, services & suppliers ?

What are the short, medium and long term implications of choosing these technologies, services & suppliers ?

What is the best way to undertake the development ? What makes a good design ?

Do I use Microsoft or Open Source technologies ? Do I build Native or Hybrid Apps ?

Product & Project Management

Agile vs Scrum. Iterative vs Waterfall. Dependencies & Critical Paths.

Realizing a digital project = ensuring timely delivery & quality outcomes; managing costs & resources; hitting deadlines.

Minimal viable features sets. 3rd party integrations. Product road-maps and collaborative development plans.

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